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Quick Fact – Excluded Persons

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Nevada’s infamous Black Book, which contains information about the unsavory individuals who are banned from casinos, still exists today but under a different moniker.

In 1975, citizen Beni Casselle expressed to the state gaming commission’s chairman “dissatisfaction with the negative connotation inherent thru the constant usage of the catchy-phrase Nevada black book, especially as regards the Afro-American image in our state.”

Casselle added, “I think that in all fairness you would have to agree that the continued reference of a person’s broad racial designation when used in concert with mention of unsavory characters would be less than enthusiastically embraced by the many law abiding Black members of this society” (Las Vegas Sun, Jan. 8, 1976).  

In March of the next year, the gaming agency renamed the regulatory enforcement tool, the “Excluded Person List.”

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