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Sources: Men Quick to Fire in Gambling Clashes

Belcher v. Field

Nevada State Journal, “Compelled to Take a Train,” Nov. 2, 1904.

Nevada State Journal, “Created a Surprise,” Nov. 30, 1904.

Nevada State Journal, “Belcher Leaves it to His Bondsmen,” Feb. 24, 1905.

Reno Evening Gazette, “Shooting in a Sparks Saloon,” Oct. 14, 1904.

Reno Evening Gazette, “Belcher Given Sunday Trial,” Oct. 17, 1904.

Reno Evening Gazette, “It is Said Field Has Left Country,” Oct. 29, 1904.

Reno Evening Gazette, “Released on Bail,” Nov. 19, 1904.

Reno Evening Gazette, “Bond Forfeited by Joe Belcher,” Feb. 24, 1905.


Armstrong v. Coski:

Las Vegas Age, “Man Killed at Goodsprings,” June 27, 1915.

Las Vegas Age, “Joe Armstrong Not Guilty,” Oct. 16, 1915.

Reno Evening Gazette, “Las Vegas Man Acquitted of Murder,” Oct. 22, 1915.


Doyle v. Clifford:

Nevada State Journal, “Doyle Trial is Delayed,” Sept. 1, 1936.

Nevada State Journal, “Doyle Must Stand Trial,” Sept. 4, 1936.

Reno Evening Gazette, “Assault Charges Face Resident of Ely,” Aug. 31, 1936.

Reno Evening Gazette, “Doyle is Fined in Ely Court,” Oct. 9, 1936.

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