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Red and Black

Signature: Aptly named, this game is a dealer’s choice version of poker similar to high-low poker but based on the value of red versus black cards.

How It Works: All red cards have a plus value, and black cards have a minus value. Aces count as one, face cards as 10 and all others cards are valued at the number on the card. For example, if someone held an ace of diamonds, a 3 of hearts, a 7 of clubs and a Jack of spades, their total would be minus 13 (plus 4 red cards along with minus 17 black cards).

Five cards are dealt to each player, after which the usual betting and drawing, then betting and the final reveal, typical of poker, take place. The difference is the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand, after cards have been tallied according to red and black, divide the pot.