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Acey Deucey

Signature: This simple card game involves betting on the next card in the deck. It’s also called in-between, sheets or maverick.

How It Works:  Each player adds their ante to the pot. Two cards are then dealt face up to one player. That player then bets an amount on the third card falling numerically in between the first two; the wager can be between zero and the amount then in the pot.

The third card is then revealed, presenting one of three scenarios.

1) If the third card falls in between the other two, the player takes back from the pot  the amount he/she wagered.

2) If the third card does not fall in between the other two, the player must add to the pot the amount he/she had bet.

3) If the third card matches the numerical value of one of the other two cards, the bettor must add to the pot double what he bet.

In the instance that the two cards dealt face up are of the same value, such as 4 and 4, the player predicts whether the next card will be higher or lower and bets. If the third card is the same as the previous two, for instance, another 4, the player must triple their bet. Otherwise, the rules above apply.

The game has variations that tend to differ by region.

Trivia: The American television show Card Sharks, which ran between 1978 and 1981, was based on acey deucey.